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Why did the victors not get everything they wanted?

Activities Resources
Design a one page diagram showing the outcome of the Treaty of Versailles. Best examples displayed here:
McAleavy (18-21) Mason (18-19). See the complete Treaty of Versailles (includes maps and contemporary cartoons). BBC Bitesize summary of the main points of the Treaty.

Answer questions about the Treaty of Versailles project which compare this year's IST treaty with the original treaty of 1919. Versailles Project website

Download the questions to be answered.

Write an evaluative essay plan on the extent to which the 'Big Three' achieved their goals at the conference. You will need to refer back the work on the goals of the Big Three.  McAleavy (18-21) Mason (18-19) 

Download a essay planning sheet.

BBC Bitesize test. 

John D Clare outlines the successes and failures of the Big Three at Versailles.

A more academic essay on the BBC site by Dr Ruth Henig