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What were the motives of the Big Three in 1919?

Activities Resources
Six problems for the Big Three. Draw a revision diagram to show the problems faced by Wilson, Lloyd-George and Clemenceau before they arrived in Paris.  McAleavy (12) outlines six problems faced by the peacemakers even before they met in 1919. 

See an Laura's example from 2001 or Hannah's from 2002. Most original get added here.

On everything about Versailles see the brilliant 

Compile a table or make a Venn Diagram to illustrate the aims of the 'Big Three' at Versailles. It is important to demonstrate how the aims of the peacemakers were often contradictory.  McAleavy (12-17) and Mason (16-17) have all the detail you need. 

John D Clare on the aims of the peacemakers. A short descriptive essay.

This BBC site on the treaty will give you additional 'copy and paste' info.

Write up the Treaty debated and passed in the Versailles Project by IGCSE and IB Historians. See examples of previous treaties: 2000, 2001, 2002