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IGCSE History Coursework

For IGCSE History students have to complete two coursework assignments, both based on the Depth Study Germany 1918-45. One assignment examines the ability of students to analyse and evaluate different types of historical sources. The other assignment tests the student's skills in analytical extended writing, on a topic of historical importance. Both assignments taken together are worth 27% of the overall mark for IGCSE History. The importance of making a good effort on the coursework cannot therefore be overstated. Although some class-time will be given over to the completion of the assignments, it is expected that students will spend a significant number of hours working at home. 

Assignment 1 2007 Assignment 2 2007

There was never a war more easy to stop' Winston Churchill.  

To what extent did the policy of appeasement cause the Second World War?

One of the great unresolved historical mysteries of the 20th century.....

Who started the Reichstag fire?