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        IGCSE History Exams

It is never too early to begin looking through this section of the IGCSE History website! Here you will find examples of examination papers with which to practice your technique and test your historical knowledge.

Mr Jones-Nerzic's 
top revision topics for 2006

Paper 1 style questions How to Revise
Paper 2 style questions Revision Tests
International Relations past papers  and past paper pattern
Depth Study Germany 1918-45 past papers  and past paper pattern.
Depth Study Russia 1905-41 past papers
Mr Walker's top revision tips
Exam advice for Paper 1 and Paper 2 
Thanks to Laurence Hicks for his help on this

Home of John D Clare's excellent revision sheets
CIE Online
Cambridge Examination Board

 World War I, Germany 1918-45, International Relations 1918 - 45 and Cold War
Want to do 'collapsible lists' like John D Clare? 
Matthew Arscott
shows you how!
Factual Quizzes
A printable version of the Syllabus GCSE Bitesize Revision