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IGCSE Term 4        September-December        Year 11

Key Questions Focus Points
To what extent was the League of Nations a success?   How far did the Depression make the work of the League more difficult?
How successful was the League in the 1930s? Manchuria and Abyssinia
Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?  Was the policy of appeasement justified?
Why did Stalin agree to the Nazi-Soviet Pact?
Why did Britain and France declare war on Germany in September 1939?
How far was Hitler's foreign policy to blame for the start of WWII?
To what extent did the policy of appeasement cause the Second World War? (Coursework)
Germany 1939-45 How did the coming of war change life in Germany? (Depth Study 3b)
End of Unit Test (6) Causes of the Second World War
Who was to blame for the start of the Cold War? Why did the USA-USSR alliance begin to breakdown?
How had the USSR gained control of Eastern Europe by 1948?
How did the USA react to Soviet expansionism?
What were the consequences of the Berlin Blockade?
Who was more to blame for the start of the Cold War, the USSR or the USA?
End of Unit Test (7) The Origins of the Cold War