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What were the consequences of the Berlin Blockade?  

Activities Resources
The Berlin Airlift/Blockade. Complete questions in Aylett p.11 (1-4)  Reading: McAleavy (116-19), Mason (64-5) and Aylett (10-13)

JDC on Berlin 

The Berlin Airlift/Blockade. Revision diagram. One side of A4 only. Must include 5 sections: long term causes, short term causes, main event, short term consequences and long term consequences. In a format of your choice. Reading: McAleavy (116-19), Mason (64-5) and Aylett (10-13)

Video BBC 20th Century History Cold War Confrontation and A4 support sheet. 

If time allows there is also the Cold War video episode 4, Berlin 1948-9.
The website contains a lot of fantastic additional information including archive newsreel and radio broadcasts and interesting declassified information.