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How successful was the League of Nations in the 1930s? - Manchuria

Activities Resources
Watch video 'Why Appeasement'? Make notes on key points. Video 'Why Appeasement?' BBC 20th Century History. A3 support sheet. Outline notes.

Carefully read McAleavy and Mason. It is important that you understand the background to a crisis in a part of the world you haven't studied before. 

Under five main headings you need to explain the causes and consequences of the crisis: (i) Background - e.g. rise of Japan and position of Japan and China on the question of Manchuria. (ii) Attack on Manchuria - e.g. key events and dates (iii) League Action - e.g. Lytton Report and consequences (iv) Why the League failed? - e.g. unwillingness to impose economic sanctions (v) Long-term Consequences - e.g. Japan joins Anti-Comintern Pact.

In making the notes it is important that you use McAleavy and Mason. Mason gives you the structure but McAleavy has far more detailed examples that you will need to support examination answers.

McAleavy 52-55, Mason 30-31.

IST Mock exam question on Manchuria answered.

See the magnificent JDC on Manchuria with an excellent cartoon activity.