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How did the coming of war change life in Germany?

Activities Resources
Notemaking activity using the following headings: 

German economy, 
Bombing raids, 
Hitler Youth and 

Video and DVD viewing.

Grey and Little Germany 1918-1945 (58-60) Brooman Germany 1918-1945 (116-118)

See Ashley's notes from 2002

There is also a fantastic video that compares the impact of the war in Germany and Britain. By Channel 4 Schools, it is called 'The Homefront through Home Movies'. 

channel4.com home Channel 4 Schools Website for the Homefront through Home Movies.

If time permits you will see one or two of these in class, but you may wish to borrow the video to see all six 20 minute programmes. 

The DVD The Third Reich in Colour is also a good source about Germany and the Second World War. It is also available for you to borrow. 
Notemaking and online activities on Hitler's German Opponents.

Notes under the following headings: 
Left-wing opposition, 
Conservative opposition, 
Youth opposition and 

Brooman Germany 1918-1945 (119-121) 

On assassination attempts on Hitler, see this interesting Snapshot on British plans to assassinate Hitler.