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How far was Hitler's Foreign Policy to blame for causing the Second World War?

Activities Resources
Debate on the role of Chamberlain. Prepare two 30 second statements, one in defence of Chamberlain's policy of appeasement and one against.  See the highlights McAleavy (72-75) 'Different views of appeasement'. 

Mason (38-9)

Write an essay in answer to the question at the top of this page. As always good work will be awarded merits and the very best will be displayed here. 

This is an evaluative 'overview' question that invites you to consider all the factors that contributed to the outbreak of WWII. This is partly a revision activity, but also a reminder that all evaluative essays must be balanced. Even if you feel that the foreign policy was largely to blame, you must not ignore other important 'factors' such as the role of the League of Nations, appeasement and the Nazi Soviet Pact. 

Download an essay planning sheet.

On Hitler's foreign policy aims see Mason (34-5). The investigation in McAleavy ('Hitler's war' 82-85) is essential. The table on page 84 identifies five other factors apart from Hitler's foreign policy that helped contribute to the war. The review section (86-7) like Mason, is also a good overview.