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Why did the USA-USSR alliance begin to break down in 1945?

Activities Resources
Cold War video. 

You will shown this introductory video in class, which comes with an outstanding supporting website. You can also watch a copy of the video, Cold War Episode 1 and 2 on the Academic server.

Episode 1. Comrades 1917-45 A good recap on international relations.
Complete this interactive revision diagram on the ideological differences between Soviet communism and American capitalism. 
JDC interactive diagram
Simple diagram 
Textbook account
Aylett (2), McAleavy (94-5)
The Western Allies and USSR, 1945-46. Mason p.58 questions 1-4.

Watch Churchill's Iron Curtain speech.

Mason (56-8) McAleavy (104-7). 

JDC on Yalta and Potsdam 
Interactive Diagram on the differences between Yalta and  Potsdam.

JDC on Churchill's Iron Curtain speech.

Have a look at the JDC site on Cold War.  Remember with this topic you are always only a few weeks away from your IGCSE exam... On the causes of the Cold War JDC has BARE: Beliefs, Aims, Resentment and Events.