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Exams and Revision

How had the USSR gained control of Eastern Europe by 1948?

Activities Resources
Design an interactive map that shows how the Soviet Union took control of Eastern Europe.

Then complete this interactive revision diagram

Get a map from McAleavy. McAleavy (104-5) and Mason (62-3) See Ranald or Chiara's interactive maps from 2003

JDC on Salami Tactics

Video. As well as making notes on this video, students should also take time to familiarise themselves with the excellent CNN website designed to compliment the series. 


Episode 2 Iron Curtain 1945-7 Missed something? click here to read the whole script

Public Record Office website on the Cold War
Defending the Soviet actions. Read McAleavy 106-7. Explain from a Soviet perspective why the USSR felt justified in taking over eastern Europe. 

Themes to cover: 

1. Soviet 'right' to control eastern Europe
2. Soviet sacrifice
3. Soviet strategy
4. Soviet defence against US imperialism. 

Use selective quotation from the sources to support your account.

McAleavy (106-7)