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What was the impact of the Treaty of Versailles on Eastern Europe and Germany up to 1923?

Activities Resources
Watch video 'Make Germany Pay'. This is an overview of what will be studied later in our 'depth study' on Germany 1918-45.  There will also be a factual learning activities on the 'other peace treaties' and consequences of peace for Germany and Eastern Europe. 

Remember 'Parkinson's Law' and that effective learning doesn't have to take a lot of time

BBC 20th Century History 'Make Germany Pay'. Handout sheet to accompany this. This video is also available as digital file to play on your computer.

Try an IST quiz on the consequences of the peace treaties for Germany and Eastern Europe.

Try a Fling a Teacher! quiz on the Treaty of Versailles and its consequences produced by...


or a Penalty Shootout produced by...

McAleavy (22-25) Mason (20-23)