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Nazi Propaganda Film Website Activity

We are convinced that films constitute one of the most modern and scientific means of influencing the mass. Therefore a government must not neglect them'  Josef Goebbels

For this activity you will be divided into groups of 4-5. Your task will design a Nazi propaganda film that Josef Goebbels (Minister for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda) would be prepared to approve and finance. Your (anachronistic) medium is a website and digital video. All completed work will be linked to this website. Additional resources: further reading, links etc. 


websites from 2002 websites from 2003 website from 2004   website from 2005 websites from 2006


For 2006 your complete website should include the following: 

  • Title, synopsis and ideological purpose. Click here for example of the synopsis for HJQ.
  • For one scene from the movie you must have the screenplay and storyboard and this scene must be digitally filmed. Go to the filmeducation.org website for help on the storyboard (pdf) and screenplay (pdf). Screenplay booklet also contains advice for synopsis writing. See Hannah's (2003) storyboard for this scene or Helena's (2003) for this scene.
  • In addition you will have character outlines, advertising posters, still photos and music. Not all the above need be produced in a digital format but all must be recorded as such. For advice on marketing your film, again see the filmeducation.org website on trailers+ 
  • The trailer. This should try to encompass as much of the above as possible.
Step 1 - Group planning session. Download film planning sheet. Brainstorm ideas for the synopsis and ideological purpose of the film. Allocation of areas of responsibility: director/editor, actors, screenwriters, artists, cameraman/photographer, music etc. View the famous Nazi film, Hitlerjunger Quex. What sort of films did Goebbels like? video
Step 2 - Individual assignments (posters, storyboard etc.) under the direction of film producer. Homework activity.
Step 3 - Film shoot in school (some lesson time available but cameras also available for booking break/lunchtime or after school). All props and costumes the responsibility of the production teams.
Step 4 - Digital video editing with voice-over and music if appropriate. Compression of video for web-streaming.
Step 5 - Final website design and placement on school server and YouTube
General resources: further reading, links etc. and back to Term 3 activity: 'How did the Nazis use culture and the mass media to control the people?'