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How successful was US policy during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Activities Resources
(i) The Cuban revolution, 1959: describe the main events and explain Castro's aims and why the USA was so hostile. 

(ii) The Bay of Pigs: describe the main events of the incident and US and Cuban responses.

McAleavy (128-32) Mason (74)

This is a fantastic website dedicated to the Cuban Missile Crisis .
A second great site on Cuba, this time produced by the American National Security Archive. The Real Thirteen Days: The Hidden History of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Advising the President. You are one of Kennedy's ExComm advisors. Outline the six alternative proposals to deal with the discovery of missile sites in Cuba. Consider the possible positive and negative consequences of each of the options. If you wish, come up with an alternative proposal of your own.  Aylett (23), Mason (75) and McAleavy (129). 
Video. There are many videos about the crisis and most are useful. In order to prevent Mr Jones-Nerzic from getting bored we watch a different one each year! 

If you wish to watch any of those not shown in class, ask.

'One Minute to Midnight: The real story of the Cuban missile crisis' NBC Home Video 1996. 

BBC History File - 'The Cuban Missile Crisis' from a Soviet perspective.

Twentieth Century History - 'Mr Kennedy and Mr Khrushchev'
Cold War Episode 10, Cuba 1959-68. The website is excellent with newsreels, interactive maps and role-plays.
13 Days: Hollywood film about the Cuban Missile Crisis starring Kevin Costner. 
See this website for the factual and anachronistic errors of the film and the National Security Archive website for one parent's critical response to it. 
Cuban Missile Crisis: Consequences and Judgement.

(i) Describe the main consequences of the Cuban missile crisis  (ii) Which leader, Khrushchev or Kennedy, handled the crisis better? Explain your answer fully.

Aylett (25), Mason (77) and McAleavy (132). 
Revision sites John D Clare on Cuba 
Spider diagram for revision.