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How successful was the USA in Korea?

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The Korean War (1950-3) is not one of the case studies of US foreign policy identified by the syllabus but it does overlap with the separate question on the United Nations Organisation. It was a very important event which highlighted many of the problems with Truman's doctrine of 'Containment'.

Do Activity 1 and 2 (McAleavy 127) but make sure you use Aylett as well.

McAleavy (124-7) Aylett (14-17) Mason (66-7) has a really good summary of events from 1948 to 1956.  Mason (94-5) deals directly with the Korean War.

Aylett 'The War's results' and 'Was World War III a real risk?' are interesting and will help you make a judgment on how successful the US was.

Dong-min, an IGCSE History student (2000-2) gives a Korean perspective on the war and its consequences.