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Why did the USA fight and lose the Vietnam War?

Activities Resources
Watch video on Vietnam and use the CNN website to make detailed notes. You can download a complete transcript (everything said) of the programme here. Cold War (Episode 11) Vietnam. 

The Cold War website is a remarkably comprehensive guide to topics covered in all 24 videos in the series.

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Read Aylett (26-29) answer questions on p.27 and p.29. When drawing a timeline of events from 1945-75 note that the correct pages to use are 26-31. JF Aylett - The Cold War and After (26-31)
Read Mason (78-81) complete the four questions on page 81. Make sure your answers are reasonably comprehensive and make use of all three textbooks. This activity ought to take you about two hours. As a consequence you should be able to explain: (i) How and why the USA became involved in Vietnam (ii) How the war was fought by both the USA and Vietcong (iii) Why the USA lost the war (iv) What the consequences of the war were. Mason Modern World History to GCSE (78-81) JF Aylett - The Cold War and After (26-31) McAleavy Modern World History (134-141)
Video - Vietnam - The Camera at war is a quite brilliant documentary history of the photographers and photographs of the Vietnam war.
Click here to see the short introduction from the documentary and here to see each of the photos from the documentary. See a selection of photos on the BBC website.

Read Erik Rademaker's IB Diploma Internal Assessment from 2004: The Historical utility of photography: A case study of Vietnam.