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Why did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?

Activities  Resources
Source analysis activity of four primary sources (eyewitnesses) of Hitler's ability as an orator. Activity sheet 'The Appeal of Adolf Hitler'.

Sources 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Questions.


Empathy account of your attendance at a Nazi Party rally in March 1932. 

Read this detailed support sheet before you begin

Best examples to be displayed here

BBC video on the fatal attraction of Adolf Hitler.  Cabaret - 'Tomorrow Belongs to Me
Two part essay plan on why Hitler came to power in 1933.

(i) What factors made it possible to appoint someone like Hitler as Chancellor? (Longterm causes)
(ii) What factors made it possible to appoint someone like Hitler as Chancellor in January 1933? (Shorterm causes)

A timed (20 minute) essay in examination conditions. 

Grey and Little (33-35 or 241-248). See also my skeletal structure (not a 'plan', not enough facts!) which you might use as a basis to an essay on the question.

Brooman (52-3) Extended reading: Farmer (147-152)

John D Clare's Greenfield History on Hitler's rise to the Chancellorship.

BBC video The Nazis: a warning from history. Short clip that explains why Hindenburg changed his mind and decided to appoint Hitler as Chancellor.
How legal was Hitler's rise to the Chancellorship? Source based questions (Brooman Q1-2, p.55) and an essay plan. Brooman (52-55)
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