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How did Hitler consolidate his power?

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Video - The Nazis a warning from history. Episode 1 - 'Helped into Power'.

A useful recap on the Nazis in the 1920s and the background of various Nazi leaders.  The episode focuses on the origins of Nazi ideology and anti-Semitism and the conditions which allowed Hitler come to power. It is particularly good on the crises of 1932-3 on how people believed Hitler could be 'tamed'. 

Check out the BBC website that accompanies the series. It includes the complete text of the book of the series and many useful links.
Grey and Little will give you a good summary of the steps that enabled Hitler to become a dictator. But this is such an important part of the course I prefer you to use the more detailed approach of Josh Brooman. 

There are four section and four assignments in Brooman's book which you need to read and complete: 

(i) The Nazi seizure of power - Q's 1-5 p.61 
(ii) Bringing Germany into line - Q's 1-3 p.65
(iii) Night of the Long Knives - Q's 1-3 p.67 
(iv) Hitler the Führer - Q's 1-2 p.70. 

Brooman Germany 1918-45 Unit 5 'Democracy destroyed: Hitler becomes a dictator, 1933-4'. 
  Watch this excellent dramatic  reconstruction of Hitler's actions at the time of the Reichstag Fire and the debate that accompanied the passing of the Enabling Law.

Try an excellent Flash revision activity from Mr Field

Having examined the detail, next you need to create a summary of all the essential events between January 1933 and August 1934. This is best done through a timeline of events which can then be learned for a factual test. You can produce this in any format you wish but it is important that you print out a hard copy for your file. Mason Summary Book (164) also identifies four 'steps' from Chancellor, through Eliminating National Opponents, Eliminating Nazi Opponents to Führer. The textbooks by Grey and Little and Josh Brooman will provide you with the essential details.

Check your knowledge by printing out and filling in this revision diagram.

Revision for End of Unit Test.