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China: From Empire to People's Republic 1900-1949

Key Questions Activities Resources
What was China like in 1900? Introductory overview through handout notes and DVD on the Last Emperor 

Careful notes from Lynch based on the excellent diagram on page 16.

Michael Lynch China: from Empire to People's Republic 1900-49 Chapter 1 gives an excellent 10 page overview of the period 1900-49.
How effectively did Mao Zedong adapt Marxist theory to Chinese conditions during the Jiangxi and Yanan years? Notemaking activity.

Lynch has a statement well worth considering 'Chinese Communism was Chinese first and Communism second' 

Michael Lynch (63) outlines the pages needed for this. In addition to Chapter 3, Sections 1,2 and 4 (42-46, 51-54), you also need to read the whole of Chapter 6 and make notes on 124-129. Page 130 has a useful summary diagram. 

Also see extracts from (University level) David McLellan Marxism After Marx

Last year's work on Marxism in Russia is very important for this. 

What were the causes of the Chinese Civil war? Although we identify the civil war years as the period 1945-9, this period was more of a continuation of earlier civil conflict going back to 'White Terror' of 1927. Michael Lynch. (37-40, 42-54) 
What was the significance of the Long March? 


Detailed map of the Long March
Chinese_civil_war_map_03.jpg (343835 bytes)

Wikipedia on The Long March 

Why did the Communists (CCP) win the Civil War? Draw up an essay planning table that distinguishes between Communist strengths and Nationalist weaknesses. Michael Lynch (54-60) Begin by looking at p.65 which offers you an essay/notemaking plan on the question. 
Compare and Contrast the Spanish Civil War with the Chinese Civil War. Essay Michael Lynch

Planning sheet
Spanish Civil War at the IST

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