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Year 7 History - Unit 4 - 1066 and all that

Key Questions Activities Resources
Contenders for the throne!

Why was it difficult to decide who should be king in 1066?

An online activity using the SchoolHistory website. 

Go to the www.normanconquest.co.uk website and follow the activity instructions and complete your own interactive diagram about the contenders for the English throne in 1066. Completed work must be included in your portfolio.


You will need both of these webpages open to complete this activity:
Interactive diagram Contenders
Why did the Normans win the Battle of Hastings?

Can you write a well organised essay? 

Can you identify the most important factors which led to Norman success?

Can you undertake individual research?

Did the Saxon army really march 200 miles?


Steps 1-3 and 'Thinking your enquiry through' p.47. This task involves writing a thematic essay in answer to the key question.

When a draft (first version) of your essay is complete then you can do some further research about why William won. You will be awarded marks for original research. 

For a bit of light relief, have a look at Ben's spoof essay from 2001. His interpretation includes plenty of great anachronisms!

Will you get to wear the ATBQ hat? 

Ollie writes best essay in 2006

Medieval Minds Chapter 5 'Invaders'
Bayeux Tapestry (not the real one but a cunning copy)
Video - Fact or Fiction: The Norman Conquest
For general upto date links about the Norman conquest see Mr Field's @

 Mr Field's specialist Norman Conquest site 1066 is also fantastic

Spartacus on medieval warfare

Have a go at Mr Tarr's game!

See Ronan's well organised essay from 2002-3 and Gaby in 2005.