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Year 7 History - Seven Deadly Sins - Albi St Cecile


In Latin superbia, this is a apparently the father of all sins and is otherwise known as vanity or narcissism. Pride caused Lucifer to fall from heaven into hell.  Pride is to love yourself and to be big-headed; to be arrogant, over-confident  and blind to the concerns of others. 

Animal symbols - The horse, lion, and peacock. 

Colour - violet

Punishment - broken on the wheel. 


In Latin invidia, envy is jealousy for others. You might be jealous of what they own, what they can do or simply who they are. If you wish for others to fail, this is also envy. 

Animal symbol - The dog

Colour - Green (we still say 'green with envy')

Punishment - constant freezing water. 


In Latin ira and otherwise known as wrath, this deadly sin is the cause of violence and war. This is a common sin of the young. It is what happens when you allow your temper to control your actions. Anger leads you to  seek revenge or take the law into your own hands.   It is also the sin of disliking or discriminating against others for no good reason.  

Animal symbol - The bear

Colour - Red (when you are angry you 'see red')

Punishment - dismemberment. This means that you will be cut up into pieces over and over again and then again.

Sloth (artist's impression)

In Latin acedia, sloth is laziness and apathy. Because you don't work, others have to work harder for you. Cowardice is often considered to be part of this sin. 

Animal symbol - The goat

Colour - light blue

Punishment - snake pit. 


In Latin avaritia and otherwise known as avarice, greed is most associated with people who wish to get rich at any cost. Greed causes you to want 'things' more and more. Covetousness is a characteristic of greed. Greed leads you to want or covet other peoples' things.  As a result you may cheat or betray and ultimately you may steal and rob.

Animal symbol - The frog

Colour - Yellow

Punishment - boiled alive in oil. Apparently the oil was of a very good quality.  Not sure how this makes a difference.


In Latin gula, gluttony is too much of anything but particularly food and drink. But gluttony is also thoughtlessness, waste and unwillingness to share with others. Anything more than you need is gluttony.

Animal symbol - The pig (what else?!) 

Colour - Orange

Punishment - forced to eat snakes, rats and toads. 


In Latin luxuria, pursuit of physical (body) pleasure at the expense of the spiritual (thoughts). Associated with adultery and having sex without the purpose of having children.

Animal symbol - The cow and snake.

Colour - blue

Punishment - fire and brimstone (lots of it). Remember the scene in Shrek?

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