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Year 8 History - Unit 7 - Archaeological sites: France and the World

Key Questions Activities Resources
Archaeology around the world: Internet case-studies. 

Where are some of the world's most famous archaeological sites? What can these sites tell us about past civilizations? How many different archaeological techniques can we identify?

In pairs, with one laptop networked, investigate an assigned world archaeological site and make a PowerPoint presentation to the class of your findings. 

Activity details.

Video 2004

Best examples of PowerPoint presentations to be included

The cave of Lascaux
Fieldtrip to Lascaux and Abri Pataud
Cave art in the south of France.  Download a copy of the cave art matrix and complete the information as you complete a virtual tour of Lascaux, Cosquer and Chauvet. Lascaux, Cosquer, Chauvet
End of term activities. Try one of these BBC activities and write a short review, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the activity.

Merits will awarded for every published review.

multimedia: iron age life multimedia: stained glass
Iron Age Life Diver's Quest Dig Deeper Quiz
multimedia: Iron Age roundhouse multimedia: chariot multimedia: archaeology timeline
Build a Roundhouse The Wetwang Chariot Ages of Timeline Quiz


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