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Year 9 History - Unit 6 - Urbanisation and the consequences

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'A perfect wilderness of foulness' Why were the cities so unhealthy?

'Were the rich just as likely to catch diseases as the poor?'

'Thinks' and 'Steps' 1-3. This leads to an essay assignment that concentrates on the need for good structure and lots supporting facts. If you are British you might use Spartacus to find out about your town in the 19th century. 

You can use the resource links to do some research of your own.

See Kayleigh's from 2002

Minds and Machines Chapter 5
Spartacus on public health in 19th century towns 
multimedia: victorian business This BBC Flash animation demonstrates some of the problems associated with urban growth.
Dr. John Snow (see Learning Curve activity 2 and the 'find out more' section) was responsible for identifying the link between cholera and water supplies. This American university site (UCLA) includes similar maps as those used by Snow in 1859.
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Were the rich just as likely to catch diseases as the poor?'
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