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Year 8 History - Unit 1 - Lollards and Crusades

Key Questions Activities Resources
Why could no one ignore the Church? 'Think' questions and all 'Steps' 1,2 and 3. 

A summer holiday activity begun at the end of Year 7.

Thinking the enquiry through: building a  board game about the power of the medieval church. 

Medieval Minds, Chapter 12

See the winners and highlights from 2002

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See the winners and highlights from 2004.



The Lollards: Why risk death to change the church? 'Think' questions and all 'Steps' 1,2,3 and 4.

Thinking the enquiry through: writing, acting, directing and producing a digital role-play film about the attempts of a group of Lollards to persuade a market trader to join them.

Medieval Minds, Chapter 13

See the completed movies here. 

The Crusades: Why risk death to defend the church?  'Think' questions and all 'Steps' 1,2,3 and 4.All think questions should be completed in your books. The 'Steps' should be done on your computer because you will need to cut and paste the steps to make your essay.

Thinking the enquiry through: writing a well structured essay. 


Medieval Minds, Chapter 14
Try a fling the teacher quiz on the Crusades

Terry Jones takes an amusing look at why people went on the crusades. Video  See more of the series courtesy of YouTube


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