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Year 9 History - Unit 3 - The Factory System: Quarry Bank Mill

Key Questions and Skills Activities Resources
Why was there an Industrial Revolution in Britain?

What was the factory system?

A case study of Quarry Bank Mill

All 'Think' and 'Step' questions 1-4. Thinking your enquiry through with a big difference! 

Build a hypertext website in answer to the question 'why was Quarry Bank Mill so successful. The Little Story (a chronicle of QBM) becomes your homepage. 

See student websites from 2001

Student Website Gallery: websites made since 2001

Student website assessment sheet.

How much money can you make as a Victorian entrepreneur! Complete this simulation from Mr Tarr's website:

In this game, you take on the role of a Victorian businessman - Horatio Ramsbottom - who is keen to make a fortune.
You will have to take a series of tough decisions about how to run your business, and at the end of the game you will be told how much profit you made. 

Minds and Machines Chapter 3
University of the West of England, Bristol Video  Quarry Bank Mill at Styal; 
Quarry Bank Mill official website;
Whitby High School's Quarry Bank Mill site;
Michael Oates' Mavica images and video of QBM;

Spartacus on the textile industry;

Spartacus on Samuel Greg.

Time Detectives 3D source based activities using VRML (you will need to download software).
Try these BBC Flash animations

multimedia: spinning mill

This explains how steam powered cotton spinning at QBM

This challenges you to become a successful cotton entrepreneur

multimedia: cotton millionaire