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Year 9 History - Unit 2 - The Transatlantic Slavetrade

Key Questions and Skills Activities Resources
What horrors lay behind the slave trade?

What happened after the slave trade was abolished? (Extension activity)


Each of the three Steps ask you to consider a single pictorial source about the 18th century sugar trade. As well as identifying how people in the picture were involved in the sugar/slave trade, you must also use the text to identify what was going on 'behind the scenes'. 'Thinking the Enquiry Through' is an essay. See some of the best essays from previous years.


When you've finished your essay, try a Fling the Teacher Quiz or a 
both games from 


Minds and Machines Chapter 2.
The Middle Passage
Mr Spartacus on Slavery;
The outstanding antislavery site
Headley Park School in Bristol Bristol and Slavery.
University of Virginia, Slave Interviews;
National Maritime Museum Slave Triangle activity; 
Images of the Transatlantic Slave Trade;

Unesco Associated Schools Project Network on Slavery (links) Currently this link is dead. Merit for anyone who finds the site!
Extension Activity:
Snapshots Menu
Try this online 'Snapshot' activity from the UK Public Record Office - How did the Abolition Acts of 1807 and 1833 affect slavery?