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International Culture Week

 2004 - Spanish Civil War - War Without End

As part of International Culture Week 2004, Year 12 historians designed a visual documentary on the subject of the Spanish Civil War. The documentary uses 68 carefully selected photos and short archive video clips, one image for each year since the war began in 1936. Displayed on four screens simultaneously and asynchronously, the six minute film is a chronicle of the war that attempts to tell a human story without the limitation of words. 

The Film 
Photo editing by Katie Greer,  
Video archive selection and editing by Susannah Leahy, DV editing by Russell Gay. 

Interview with the makers - 
DV editing by Katie Greer

The film opens with scenes of hope in Madrid's Puerta del Sol in 1936 and then progresses chronologically though to a conclusion of refugees fleeing across the French border.  Along the way, major events (the battle for Madrid, the bombing of Guernica) are interlaced with scenes of everyday life that tell the social history of the war. In this story, the famous names (Orwell, Hemingway et al) are almost indistinguishable from the peasants and workers they fight alongside. Entitled 'War Without End', the film loops continually in recognition of the legacy of a war which in Toulouse, as much as anywhere, remains as important today as ever. The film's only colour image is a photograph taken in summer of 2003 at the cemetery and memorial to the International Brigaders who died at Le Vernet 'internment' camp, a short drive south from Toulouse. 

This is a contribution to the European Virtual School History Department project: Europe and the Spanish Civil War.



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