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'Among the German crimes of the Second World War, the massacre of 642 women, children and men of Oradour-sur-Glane by SS soldiers on 10 June 1944 is one of the most notorious. On that Saturday afternoon, four days after the Allied landings in Normandy, SS troops encircled the town of Oradour in the rolling farm country of the Limousin and rounded up its inhabitants. In the marketplace they divided the men from the women and children. 

The men were marched off to barns nearby and shot. The soldiers locked the women and children in the church, shot them, and set the building (and the rest of the town) on fire. Those residents of Oradour who had been away for the day, or had managed to escape the roundup, returned to a blackened scene of horror, carnage and devastation.'
Sarah Farmer, Martyred Village 1999

In 1946 the ruins of Oradour were taken over by the French government and a decision was made to 'conserve the ruins for the pious remembrance of future generations'. In April 2002, students from Year 8 and Year 9 visited the ruins. In this section of the Humanities Website, you can read about their experiences of that day.

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