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The Versailles Project

The Versailles Project 2000

The Treaty


Renegotiated on 13th and rewritten on the 16th November 2000 by IGCSE and IB historians.

League of Nations

Article 1- Creation of a League of Nations to avoid confrontations and settle differences and disputes between individual League members peacefully.

Article 2 - Power will be distributed equally among all members of the League of Nations. No one country will have more power than any other to make decisions and all powers will have equal rights.

Boundaries of Germany

Article 3 - France is to regain Alsace-Lorraine.

Article 4 - 90% of Germany’s colonies are to be confiscated. These countries will have the possibility of becoming independent through plebiscites.

Article 5 - Poland is to become an independent state gaining land from Germany, Silesia and the port of Danzig.

Boundaries of Austria-Hungary

Article 6 - The former Austrian-Hungarian empire is to relinquish control of the lands of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia in order to create a greater Slavic state.

Article 7 - The former Austrian-Hungary Empire is to lose the Dalmatian Coast to Italy.

Article 8 - Albania is to fall under the control of Serbia for 10 years. After which a plebiscite will be issued to determine whether Albania wishes to remain under Serbian rule. If independence is granted, Serbia is to be granted the title of Protectorate of Albania allowing Serbia to take all necessary steps to ensure Albanian Independence.

Military, Naval and Air Clauses

In order to render possible the initiation of a general limitation of the armaments of all nations, Germany will undertake to observe the military,
naval and air clauses that follow:

Article 9 - Great Britain’s attempt to reduce the German army to 75,000 men, a prohibition of armoured vehicles and restrictions on German artillery were rejected by the council. But set weaponry constraints will be applied to ensure that Germany does not become too developed.

Article 10 - The British Royal Navy is to gain the entire German fleet.

Article 11 - The ban on Germany from using any military aircraft was rejected by the council.


Article 12 - A future committee is to be set up in order to deal with the question of reparations. 

Article 13 - The League of Nations will have until 1924 to decide on the reparation fee Germany will have to pay to each country.

Article 14 - Reparations must be within Germany’s financial means.

Economic Clauses

Article 15- Freedom of navigation in international waters. The USA reminded the council that German U-boats attacked merchant and passenger ships and that this should not be allowed in future.

Article 18 - Reduced tax on trade. The original US proposal of free trade was rejected. Reduced tax will help economies grow and help European countries recover from the war and will lead to free trade.









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