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The Versailles Project

The Versailles Project 2001

The National Objectives







France (Georges Clemenceau) 

Les Objectives for the most Excellent representatives of the Country of France

  1. The Restoration of Alsace & Lorraine to France

Taken by Germany in 1871; part of repayment and reduction of power can be incorporated into the restoration of Alsace-Lorraine to France.

  1. The payment of reparations by Germany
  2. (The Rhinelands)

To both diminish the influence of Germany and enforce reparations for damage done both financial and to the country itself during the war, (at least) temporary control of a certain percentage of the mines in the Rhinelands would go to France to help pay, rather than drain Germany of whatever resources it has left.

  1. Independent Poland
    1. A large, independent Poland would act as a buffer between western Europe and the Soviet Union; sea access (by giving them the Polish Corridor) would allow for both Wilsonís idea of sea access and divide Germany into 2 parts.
  2. Polish alliance

a.  Concerning the creation of an independent Poland in accordance with creating both an ally, a buffer from the Soviet Union, and dividing Germany by granting sea access.

  1. Trial of the Kaiser
  2. Recognition of German responsibility

Other states to recognize the level of German responsibility in starting the war, and in so doing take certain steps to stop another such aggression by limiting Germanyís ability to do so.

  1. Loss of German colonies

Germanyís colonies, in accordance with the reduction in power and armed forces, are to be split up between other countries, of which France is to be one

  1. Reduction of German armed forces, overall power

Germanyís army, air force, and navy to be cut down in size and power,

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Serbia (Nicola Pasic) 


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Britain (David Lloyd George)  

I have a hard job tomorrow of following my instinct but yet still listen to my people back home who want revenge. I am constantly getting pressure to punish Germany and stop them completely from recreating WW1ís actions. Newspapers werenít any help either planting this seed into everyoneís heads and letting it blossom almost destroying my moral and logical instinct. I know that Germany canít get away with what they did but I need to make sure they have the possibility of regaining their strength. I know that Germany in the future if in the right from of mind could be a great help and necessity to Britain's economy. When theyíre back on their feet they will once again be one of the top economic powers of Europe but I canít let them over take us. If they get to a good stage again maybe we could even become allies. I absolutely canít let Italy get away with her plot to destroy Germany forever.

There will be a time when well both have something each other needs. Iíll have my empire and they will have their brilliant trade capabilities. Yes that will work quite well. But wait, what if they get a good empire. I canít let that happen, what can I do? I know Iíve got to get their colonies to become part of my empire. But what if France wants them? No I canít let her become strong, she would destroy Germany. Iíve got to get those colonies.

Iíve still got to think about my people. May be if we get her fleet they will be happy, you know not having much to defend themselves with. I donít know Iíll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. Now back to my empire. That really is the most important thing I have got to get out of this. Next time, if there ever is another such as this then I want to be prepared to fight it alone if I have to. I need to increase our empire as a first priority. Maybe I could get the Turkish colonies as well as the German. Thatís it, thatís what I need to do but the rest wonít go for it.

How can I convince them? What do they need that I can give them? It looks like the only way around this is to walk straight through it. The only way Iím going to get Wilson to agree is if I make them mandates, well I suppose thatís better than nothing if I support his idea of free trade that would also help. Next thereís Serbia, Iím sure if I support their Port of Trieste idea theyíll be willing to help. Then thereís Poland. I know they also want the colonies and they are thinking about becoming allies with France. I canít let that happen. If I convince them we could share the colonies maybe theyíll not join them and join us instead. Yes, thatíll work. Then I will have a good alliance back up behind me if this ever repeats itself.

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Poland (Jozef Pilsudski) 


  • An independent Polish State.
  • An alliance with France.
  • A port in the Baltic Sea coast.
  • Western Ukraine to be part of Poland.
  • Silesia to become part of Poland.

An independent Polish state with a Polish government. Enable freedom of Polish people who had been under control of Russians and Germans for so long.

A defence treaty with France is an essential treaty that will reserve the sovereignty and integrity of the nation from others who may threaten it. Alternatively a treaty with a group of nations on the boarder of Germany to enhance their safety. 

Access to the Baltic Sea, to enhance the sovereignty and integrity of the nation so that it is more powerful and more resistant to a German attack.

Western Ukraine to be part of Poland.

Old territory, such as west Ukraine, Silesia, access to Baltic Sea and much of Northern Austria-Hungary must be back to Poland on the grounds that they were once part of a Polish empire that was swallowed up by Russia into non-existence. This left Duchy of Poland after the Napoleonic Wars non-existent. Thus on this basis these grounds must be returned to Poland. 

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Italy (Vittorio Orlando) 

Much of the public sympathy of the war has been taken up by places like northern France, where they have suffered heavily with war damage. While Italy treats the people who have suffered so greatly from the terrible war, it seems that France may be destined to get its own way, and take up much of the reparations. While this is fair, places like Italy, who have also lost their young men and are in terrible debt, should not be forgotten. For while Western Europe has taken much of the damage, places indirectly connected with the war should not be left out.

Italy herself joined the war under the Treaty of London, a secret treaty, which I am now at liberty to discuss. This promised Italy land along the Adriatic coast, in exchange for entering the war by the side of the British. Italy has fulfilled its side of the bargain completely, and while all the allies did not agree upon the treaty, Italy still has a written deal that states that Italy should now gain land along the Adriatic. Italy wishes to obtain the port of Fiume,  the Trentino, Cisalpine Tyrol with its geographical and natural frontier, as well as Trieste, the counties of Gorizia and Gradisca, all Istria as far as the Quarnero, including Volosca and the Istrian islands of Cherso and Lussin, as well as the small islands of Plavnik, Unie, Canidole, Palazzuoli, San Pietro di Nembi, Asinello, Gruica, and the neighbouring islets.

Italy not only wishes to gain land, but also reparations, for Italy is also in great debt, as is much of the rest of Europe. As it seems that Europe seems to be bearing the burden of this war debt, we believe all should share the debt evenly, and we believe that America should erase all the debts owed to her by allies due to the war. Though this may seem unreasonable at first, I believe it is unfair that America should not also have to suffer slightly economically due to the war, while the Europeís economy collapses. Italyís economy is on the verge of collapse, and her people sit on the verge of civil war. We want promises of military support in the eventuality of civil war.

To the same end, Italy wishes to express its support for President Wilsonís League of Nations. In our view, this would be towards the improvement of not only the diplomatic status of Europe, but also the rest of the world. I wish to show praise, on behalf of my country, of President Wilsonís foresight.

Germany has made the rest of Europe suffer, and there should be no sympathy for her. Due to this, we wish to show support for a clause giving Germany complete guilt for the war. We also wish to show support for the complete disarmament of Germany. Germany has shown she is untrustworthy, and should not be tempted to cause another war by leaving her military. To this end, I propose a complete reduction of Germanys military force. A maximum army of 10,000 men, no navy or air force, and no heavy armoured machinery, such as tanks and artillery. I believe restrictions like this should stay in place for 50 years, and after that periods, a joint commission should decide whether Germany is suitable for re-armament. If they deem so, this should be gradual, so not to suddenly give great power over to Germany that it cannot handle. Though these restrictions are necessary, Germany should still be given support, as if she is weak and without power, communism may infiltrate Europe.

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USA (Woodrow Wilson) 

It is in my and I am sure the rest of the worlds' interest that Germany should be treated fairly and equally as a nation of Europe. We do not believe that any country, no matter how powerful, should take advantage of a weaker one.  This we consider unfair and barbaric.

We are all I hope civilised nations and have all won a great victory but let me remind you of one important saying: treat others as you would others treat yourself.

Our AIMS are simple and based on my fourteen points are as follows:

We, as the USA believe that Germany should keep most of its land, reduce its army to a moderate level but not left unprotected. Another idea is to minimise its navy and its air force to a reasonable amount, leaving Germany to be able to defend itself against any power in Europe. If Germanyís military power should increase by even one war ship we would take immediate and brutal measures.     

The USA has thought of a creation that could prevent other wars in the future. This would be called the League of Nations, of which every country here should be a member.  Therefore making us stand strong against communism and other threats.

Self determination for all people and countries of Europe is essential.

We believe that Germanyís reparations should be kept to a minimum level, meaning there would be a slight strain of them to think about doing wrong in the future but not too stressful.

The armies of each country should be relative to their size.

Wilson's 14 points

         No secret treaties between countries

         Able to send ships anywhere without interference

         Free trade

         Reduced all armaments

         New colonies should take into consideration of the people

         Countries should leave Russian territory

         Germans should leave Belgium

         Alsace and Lorraine given back to France

         Italian borders should be adjusted to bring Italian speakers into Italy

         Different peoples of Austria Hungry should be given there independence

         Invading armies should leave the Balkan states 

          Non Turkish people should have there own governments

         An independent Poland should be set up Poland should have access to the sea

         A league of nations to preserve the future peace of the world

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