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The Versailles Project

The Versailles Project 2001

The Treaty by Evan

 Renegotiated on 22nd and rewritten on the 23rd November 2001 by IGCSE and IB historians.


League of Nations:

Article 1: The creation of the League of Nations

Boundaries of Germany:

Article 2: The restoration of the region Alsace-Lorraine to France.

Article 3: For the German and Turkish colonies to be controlled by Britain and Poland.

Boundaries of Poland, Serbia, Lithuania, Albania and Montenegro:

Article 4: An independent Polish and Lithuanian state with former borders of the Duchy of Poland and Lithuania.

Article 5: The port of Trieste to become part of Serbia.

Article 6: The countries of Albania, Montenegro and Serbia to unite as a new country: Yugoslavia, with capital in Belgrade, to create a powerful, united state.

Article 7: The borders of Poland to be as they were in 1815, after the Napoleonic Wars, but before Poland was split between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia.

Military, Naval and Air Clauses:

Article 8: Reduction of all German Air, Army and Navy forces.

Article 9: Reduction of German Navy Fleet (ships and men) to prevent war 

Article 10: German forces to leave Belgium.


Article 11: Reparations for all countries, paid out by losing countries set at 20,000 million pounds. Sum will be divided between victorious countries.

Article 12: A percentage of the reparations to be given to Poland to help establish the new economy.

Economic Clauses:

Article 13: All debts to America extremely reduced.

Article 14: All countries should be able to have free trade.


Article 15: Italy wishes to obtain land across the Adriatic coast, in particular the Port of Fiume, which was promised to Italy as a result of the Treaty of London, 1915.

Article 16: The Kaiser and Austrian Emperor to stand trial.


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