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The Versailles Project - Ben's Map

Ben's map of the outcome of the Treaty of Versailles version 2004. As he explains on the forum 

'Serbia, Britain and France did the worst out of our treaty.

Britain failed to gain the German fleet but instead commissioned its destruction. Britain also did badly because they will eventually fail to get much, because they gave all money to the League so it could distribute it fairly between the winning nations Italy, France and Serbia will get more money than Britain because they were poorer at the time. Britain also failed to get colonies in the Middle East although Italian and French civil servants promised colonies to Britain.

France also failed to get colonies in the Middle East. But France failed to split up German and Austria Hungary entirely. France could have easily taken land away by introducing a Czech state and by giving Romania more land. France also failed to split Germany into small weak states or at least three states. France failed to gain control of German coalmines.

Serbia did badly in our treaty because they failed to create a Yugoslavia. They failed to detect the Italianís fatal flaw in their argument. Italy challenged Serbia control of the Adriatic because Serbs did not inhabit the land they wished to take control of. However the Serbs were trying to create a Slavic state and if the Croats and other nationalities down the coast were Slavic so if the Serbia delegation had realised this they would have been able to take over the region. The Serbia team also tried to become Protectorate of Albania because Italy had been successful by becoming protectorate of the other Balkan states. However Italy became Protectorate of land, which was not in precise countries so Italy had almost complete control over the area. Albania however was an existing state so Serbia would have to recognise this and would eventually have to hold elections for their independence.

The USA was more successful this year than in the real Versailles but they did not carry out Self-determination in Europe or the rest of the world. The level of armaments was not decreased for each country which would allow for another World war with possibly the French or Italians as the enemy. They also failed to get invading armies to leave the Balkans and Russian territory, which may have been popular. America also failed to create Baltic states or Czechoslovakia.

On the other hand Poland became very strong by taking land away from Russia, Germany and the late Hapsburg Empire. Poland got control of ports and got a lot of reparation money.

Italy managed to gain colonies out of the treaty and used the treaty to make herself stronger. Italy by the end practically controlled the Adriatic by becoming Protectorate of non-existent states. Although she did not control all land around the sea Albania was in civil war so would not be able to oppose n Italian controlled sea. Italy also increased her borders so she neighboured Germany and so she had colonies next to French, British and Turkish colonies so her trade would increase'.

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