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How far did weaknesses in the League's organisation make failure inevitable?

Activities Resources
What were the aims of the League of Nations? 

Before you can make judgements about the 'success' or 'failures' of the League of Nations, you need to understand what it was meant to achieve. Upholding the Treaty of Versailles and keeping peace were very important aims but not the only ones. Read more about the aims on John D Clare and make some summery notes of your own. 
Activity page on JohnDClare
Essential summary (SIDE)
Draw a revision diagram to summarise how the League of Nations was structured  and how the different aspects were meant to work.

You may use Publisher, Word or FrontPage. If you decide to build a website, it is best to design a one page web with bookmarks. This will ensure you have one page for revision.

McAleavy 30-37, Mason 24-5.

See Ranald's and Susannah's (website) from 2001

Gives you a good summary of how the LoN was meant to work
 ...and a diagram of the structure.

Unsure about what the Agencies were meant to do? See this explanation.
Draw up a diagram that explains the strengths and weaknesses of how the League of Nations was organised. Three factors need to be considered: membership, military and voting.  McAleavy 30-37, Mason 24-5.
Essential essay
Why the USA didn't join by Ben Walsh
Try a quick test on this from Active History
How strong was the League of Nations? Complete an online activity from John D Clare and print out your work for your folder. McAleavy 33-35
Study this page and then...
go to the activity here.