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How were peoples' lives affected by WWI?

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Research into your own village history and how it may have been affected by the First World War. As well as researching your village in France, you might like to do an Internet search for a war memorial in the village or town that you were born in. Use Google and type in the name of the place, and words 'war memorial' or 'cenotaph'.  The War Memorials in Haute Garonne website lists most (all?) the villages in the region. Find your village and find out how many men were killed in the 1914-18 war. Are there any names that you recognise? Is there any evidence that some families were particularly affected?

Other useful sites might include the Scots at War project, Gloucestershire War Memorials, and from November 2001 The Imperial War Museum's National Inventory of War Memorials

Research your family history and involvement in the First World War. In order to be able to start your search you need to find out the full name of the soldier and you need to have some idea of where he fought. Knowing the name of regiment he fought with makes things easier. Unfortunately, your best chance of finding a name is if the soldier was killed. If you manage to find some information, write a brief summary which explains your relationship and how your relatives life was affected by WWI. How to search for relatives who might have been involved in World War 1.  

A useful website to start a search is the Great War which includes a number of potential links to many different countries. If British, you may wish to start with The Great War Society.  If you know that your relative died then try the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. BBC family history site also has some great advice to get you started.

Kimi 2001-2 - My Family in WWI.
Simone 2002-3 - My family in WWI and WWII

Optional Topic. The Homefront 1914-1918 is an important topic but unfortunately we have little time. The most important question is how far the lives of women were changed during the war. I want you to prepare for a short debate on the topic. In this type of question (evaluative) it is important that you recognise that some things did change but also that much remained the same.  From your textbook chapter 21 is very useful. On the Internet there are lots of resources on most good WW1 sites. As usual Spartacus is very comprehensive and has information about many different aspects of women's contribution.  For a brief overview see the BBC GCSE  Bitesize Revision site.