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How did the assassination of Franz Ferdinand lead to war?

Activities Resources
We begin by watching a video reconstruction of the assassination from the BBC series 'Days that shook the world'.  Reconstruction of Archduke Ferdinand with his wife Sophie
BBC Four

Days that Shook the World' episode 2, assassination of Franz Ferdinand and suicide of Hitler. See the BBC website for further details. Click here to see a short video extract.

Using the video and Brooman makes two sets of notes that explain:
(i) how the assassination was planned 
(ii) how the assassination was carried out (28 June 1914)
Brooman The End of Old Europe Chapter 12 (28-29)
The consequences of the Assassination - Read Farmer and answer the following key questions:

Why did the assassination provide Austria-Hungary with a 'perfect excuse for military action'?
What was the 'blank cheque' and why was it so important?
Why did Austria-Hungary not act straight away?
What was Austria-Hungary's ultimatum and why were the Serbs unable to meet all the demands?
Why did Russia decide to support Serbia and why was this such an important decision?
What is meant by the term 'mobilisation' and why after the 28th July did military leaders begin to take over the decision making process?

Brooman The End of Old Europe Chapter 13 (30-31)
Farmer Modern European History (53-58)
Make a timeline of events from 28 June - 4 August 1914. Make it detailed enough to include the most important events but remember you also have to learn it. See Brooman page 32 for the absolute minimum of details to be remembered.  Brooman The End of Old Europe Chapter 13 (30-31)
Farmer Modern European History (53-58)
How do I learn dates in history? see JohnDClare for advice JohnDClare.net