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The Versailles Project

The Versailles Project 2002

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The Treaty by John


Renegotiated and rewritten on the 13th and 15th November 2002 by IGCSE and IB historians.



Article 1: Germany will admit responsibility for starting the Great War

Article 2: German will pay compensation to countries that suffered during the war

Article 3: Germany's Kaiser, Wilhelm II will be put on trial for causing the war

Article 4: Austria-Hungary is also responsible for the war and should also accept blame. The Emperor will also be put on trial.

Article 5: Germany to pay for the damages inflicted on France

Borders of defeated powers:

Article 6: Italy will have land from South West Austria, Tyrol

Article 7: Austria-Hungary to give up control of lands in Bosnia - Herzegovina Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia to make Yugoslavia


Article 8: Germany to loose its overseas colonies and for them to be shared out

Article 9: Alsace, Loraine to be given back to France

Created countries:

Article 10: Creation of an independent Poland, which is a democracy

Article 11: Polandís Borders to be as they were before the Napoleonic wars

Article 12: Upper Silesia and the port of Danzig also to become part of Poland

Article 13: A portion of reparations to be used to build a new Polish democracy

Article 14: Creation of new independent Bavarian /Rhineland state with close links politically and economically to France.

Article 15: Economic and political reform in Bavarian and Rhineland state. To be made a republic.  

Article 16: Germans in Poland are given the option to return Germany

League of Nations:

Article 17: A League of Nations to be set up

Article 18: The League of Nations should allow equal say regardless of the counties size or power

Article 19: A reduction of armaments for all countries to a level that would be later agreed on by the League.

Article 20: Use part of the role of League of Nations to combat spread of communism.








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