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The Versailles Project

The Versailles Project 2003 

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Renegotiated and rewritten on the 12th and 14th November 2003 by IGCSE and IB historians.

Treaty by Matthew

The creation of states articles 1 4

Article 1: Creation of an independent Polish state

Article 2: The unity of Slavs along the Dalmatian Coast with Serbia to create a greater Serbia known as Yugoslavia governed by self-determination.

Article 3: Split up Germany into 3 separate independent states, some going to creation of Poland

Article 4: Split up Austria-Hungary into different nations, according to their nationalities

Regained or newly gained land articles 5 - 8

Articles 5: Alsace-Lorraine to be returned to France

Article 6: Serbia is t gain the Port of Trieste and the Dalmatian coast but will allow Italy to have naval bases along the Dalmatian coast (number to be decided later)

Article 7: Western Ukraine and Silesia to be part of Poland

Article 8: The Gulf of Danzig (on Baltic coast) to be part of Poland

Law and Order agreements articles 9 - 11

Article 9: Great Britain wants the German Kaiser and military to be put on trial for starting the Great War

Article 10: A setting up of an international court of justice under the auspices of the LON

Article 11: A general association of nations to be formed for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity

Money articles 12 - 13

Article 12: Clear all debts within the Allied powers, including but not limited to all debts owed by the allied forces to America

Article 13: All allied countries will gain reparations from Germany sufficient to what they lost, as far as Germany is capable. Open to compromise

Army and Naval decisions articles 14 16

Article 14: Belgium must be evacuated of foreign troops and restored without any attempt to limit the sovereignty, which she enjoys in common with all other nations

Article 15: Germany's naval force to be split up accordingly to need across Europe however guaranteeing at least 12% each

Article 16: Reduce armaments to the lowest point consistent with domestic safety/national security


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