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Sefton Delmer

You are: Sefton Delmer

That night, Hitler was certain that the fire had been started by the Communists. ‘I hope it’s the work of the Communists,’ he told me. ‘If it is, I will destroy them completely.’ What I saw – how Hitler behaved when he saw the fire – does NOT fit in with the theory that the Nazis had started the fire.

Delmer was a journalist with the Daily Express. He was with Hitler on the night of the fire. He wrote this in a letter to a German newspaper in 1959.

1.       On the night of the fire, who did Hitler think had started the fire?

2.       What did Hitler say?

3.       Why did Hitler want the fire to have been started by the Communists?

4.       Did Hitler seem excited by the idea that the Communists started the fire?

5.       Where were you on the night of the fire?

6.       Did you see Hitler behave like this with your own eyes?

7.       Does what you saw – how Hitler behaved – fit with the theory that Hitler had started the fire?


8.       What is your job?

9.       Is the Daily express the most important newspaper in the world?

10.   Do you not think it strange that Hitler, on such an important occasion, was not with the Chief Fireman, or with Goring or Goebbels, or with the police? Is it not strange that, on such an important event, he was with a foreign journalist from the Daily Express?

11.   When you see a film of an actor playing Hitler, is that actor pretending to be angry, and surprised, but really he is just acting?

12.   Is it possible that Hitler was acting, in 1933?

13.   Is it possible that Hitler was acting like this, just so that you would go away and tell everybody that he couldn’t possibly have started the fire?

14.   When did you write this story?

15.   The fire happened in 1933. How many years are there between 1933 and 1959?

16.   Is it not possible, that, in 26 years, you might have forgotten what really happened?


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