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 Van der Lubbe
Dr Sack
A Hayes
Fireman Roth
Herr Wingurth


Sefton Delmer

You are: Van der Lubbe 

I was a member of the Communist Party in Holland.  I decided to go to Germany to see for myself what Hitler was doing. I came to Germany all by myself. The government of Germany is bad. Something had to be done. Since no one else was doing anything, I had to do something by myself. So I decided to burn down a building. I did not wish to harm anybody, so I chose a building that belonged to the government. I acted alone. No-one helped me, and I didnít see anyone else in the Reichstag.

Van der Lubbe was caught red-handed starting fires in the burning building. He freely admitted starting the fire. This was his statement to the German police, 1933.

1.       What party are you a member of?

2.       Where do you come from?

3.       Did you act alone?

4.       Do you like the government of Germany?

5.       What did you decide to do?

6.       Did you decide to do something with others, or by yourself?

7.       Were you caught red-handed starting fires in the Reichstag building?

8.       Do you admit starting the fire?

9.       Why did you choose the Reichstag building to burn down?

10.   Did you act alone?

11.   Did anyone help you?

12.   Did you see anyone else in the Reichstag?


13.   Who arrested you?

14.   Who did you tell that you started the fire?

15.   Is the German government a bad government?

16.   So is it possible that the German police beat up their prisoners?

17.   IF the German police beat you up, is it possible that they might have been able get you to give a false confession?


William Shirer 
Arthur Koestler
Herr Rauschning
Franz Halder
10 Witness question sheets, Prosecution/Defence sheets, Complete teachers pack

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