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You are: General Franz Halder

It was Hitler’s birthday in 1942. We were eating a meal. And we started talking about the Reichstag fire. I heard with my own ears when Goring said this: ‘The only one who really knows about the fire is me – because I set it on fire!’

Halder was speaking at the Nuremberg trials after the war, when he was on trial for ‘war crimes’. He was telling these stories about what other Nazis had done because he wanted to be let off. At the same trial, Goring denied having anything to do with the fires.

1.       Who did Goring say started the fire?

2.       When did you hear this?

3.       What were you doing at the time?

4.       Did you hear it with your own ears?

5.       So you heard Goring admit that HE started the fire?


6.       When Goring said these things, was Hitler there?

7.       When Goring said it, do you think Hitler would have been pleased?

8.       Is it possible that Goring said these things to show off – that he was boasting to Hitler?

9.       Does Goring still say that he caused the fire?

10.   Is it true that YOU are on trial yourself?

11.   So it is possible that you are making all this up to try to be let off?


William Shirer 
Arthur Koestler
Herr Rauschning
Franz Halder
10 Witness question sheets, Prosecution/Defence sheets, Complete teachers pack

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