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 Van der Lubbe
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You are: William Shirer

Van der Lubbe was tricked by the Nazis. They tricked him to start a fire in the Reichstag. What he didnít know was that Ė while he was setting a little fire Ė the main job would be done by Nazi SA stormtroopers.

            Van der Lubbe was a half-wit. He didnít know what was going on. At the trial, it was found that he didnít have enough to start so great a fire Ė just a shirt and some matches. It would have taken huge amounts of chemicals and petrol to start such a fire. It would have been impossible for one man to carry it all.

Shirer was an American journalist who lived in Germany at the time. He hated Hitler and the Nazis, and thought that they were evil enough to commit any crime.


1.       Did Van der Lubbe start a fire?

2.       Did Van der Lubbe start the MAIN fire?

3.       Was Van der Lubbe clever enough to start the fire?

4.       What did Van der Lubbe have to start a fire?

5.       Was this enough, in your opinion, to start the fire?

6.       Who, in your opinion, started the fire?

7.       What are you, and how do you know about all this?


8.       Do you hate Hitler?

9.       Do you think that Hitler is evil?

10.   Do you think Hitler would do such a thing as burn down the Reichstag?

11.   You think that Van der Lubbe could not have burned down the Reichstag, but have you any evidence to prove that the Nazis did it?


William Shirer 
Arthur Koestler
Herr Rauschning
Franz Halder
10 Witness question sheets, Prosecution/Defence sheets, Complete teachers pack

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