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 Van der Lubbe
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Herr Wingurth


Sefton Delmer

You are: Herr Wingurth

The Nazis couldn’t have started the fire. It is true that there was an underground tunnel into the Reichstag, but it had many locked doors. After the fire, it was found that they were all locked shut.

Herr Wingurth was a locksmith. The Nazis asked him to give this evidence at the trial of van der Lubbe in 1933. Herr Wingurth would have known what happened to people who went against the Nazis.

1.       Could the Nazis have started the fire?

2.       Was there an underground tunnel to the Reichstag building?

3.       So why couldn’t the Nazis have gone along the underground tunnel?

4.       After the fire, were any of the doors found open?

5.       What is your job?


6.       Did the Nazis ask you to say this?

7.       Do you know what happens to people who go against Hitler in Nazi Germany?

8.       You say all the locks in the tunnel were locked. Presumably, this is because the last person to go through them had a key, and locked them?

9.       So, if an SA man had had a key, could he have locked them after he had gone through?


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