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You are: Herr Rauschning

They laughed about it, and made jokes about it. Goring told people that his ‘boys’ had gone into the Reichstag along an underground tunnel. He said they only had a few minutes. He said that they were almost discovered. He was sorry that the whole building had not burned down completely. They had been in such a hurry that they had not been able to make a proper job of it.

Rauschning was a Nazi official in 1934. But in 1959, he admitted that he hadn’t heard Goring say these things himself; he had just talked to people who said that Goring had said this.


1.       Who did Goring say started the fire?

2.       How, did Goring say, did they get into the Reichstag building?

3.       How long, did Goring say, did his boys have?

4.       Did they do a proper job?

5.       Did Goring find the whole thing sad, or funny?

6.       What job did you have in 1934?

7.       So you knew Goring, and sometimes talked to him?


8.       Did you hear Goring say these things with your own ears?

9.       So how did you find this out?


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