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How did Germany emerge from defeat at the end of WWI?

Activities Resources
Why did Germans hate the treaty of Versailles? Complete questions 1-3 from Brooman. Brooman (24)
Build a hypertext timeline of the period 1918-1923. The timeline must also include references to the themes of (i) Versailles (ii) Economic Problems and (iii) Political Problems. The website must include at least one Hot Potatoes quiz which tests the factual knowledge of the content of your web site. Remember to register with Hot Potatoes to get the full version. 

See the Student Website Gallery, for the best websites from previous years.

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Brooman (10-17, 25-31) Grey and Little (12-14)

Perhaps plan your website content in Word first.

See how your website will be assessed.

Hot Potatoes version 5

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Spartacus on Weimar

To what extent did the German constitution change between 1914 and 1919? 300 words only. You must identify (main) similarities and differences and conclude whether there more similarities or differences.

Read the textbooks carefully first, then complete the planning sheet showing how much the new Weimar constitution changed Germany. Then write your 300 words.

Grey and Little (15) and Brooman (6-7) and (18-19)

How did the Weimar constitution change Germany planning sheet? (Word Document)

Was the new Weimar constitution a good thing? Devise your own planning sheet (as a table?) showing the positive and negative (potential dangers!) aspects of the new constitution.  Grey and Little (15) and Brooman (6-7) and (18-19)
Optional Activity. In completing the activities above, you will have encountered many new political words for the first time. Why not build a glossary of political terms? This will be of use to you through IGCSE history and at IB level. 

These professional glossaries may be of some use: 

Fast Times, Nelson or try Google.