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Exams and Revision

Who opposed the Weimar Republic and why?

Activities Resources
What sort of person was Hitler? 

Individually answer questions 1 and 2, Brooman p.35. Watch video and/or DVD and add extra information about Hitler's character and early life. 

Class report back.

Add additional section (e) to the Brooman activity on Hitler 1918-25, using the video and Brooman (36-41) Section f will be completed later.

DVD Hitler: The Rise of Evil. A TV film made in 2003 starring Robert Carlyle as AH. 

Josh Brooman (34-5)  BBC documentary video The Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler.

Interview a virtual Adolf Hitler , and complete this worksheet.

See Maddie and Melissa from 2006

See Spartacus on Hitler

Who were the Nazis and what were their ideas and policies?

Read both textbooks on this before you start. Complete questions 1-4 of Brooman (37). 

Grey and Little (20-1) Brooman (36-7)
Who else opposed the Weimar Republic and why? Activities 1-4, Grey and Little (19) Grey and Little (17-19)