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Why did the Nazi Party have little real success before 1930?

Activities Resources
Complete your biographical account of Hitler and the Nazis by adding developments from 1924-27 (this becomes part 6) Grey and Little (26)
Mason 158-9
See Spartacus on Hitler
Heading: The Nazi Party in the 1920s 

(1) Describe and learn the events of Munich Putsch

(2) Explain: (i) why the Munich Putsch is considered to be a 'turning point' in the history of the Nazi Party (ii) how the Nazi Party had some success in the 1920s (iii) why very few people voted for the Nazis in the 1920s.

Grey and Little (24-6)
Mason 158-9 is particularly good on this.
Spartacus includes a good description of the Munich Putsch with biographies of Gustav von Kahr and Erich Ludendorff
DVD Hitler: The Rise of Evil. A TV film made in 2003. Has an excellent reconstruction of the events of November 1923.
The Munich Putsch: historical documentary v historical drama. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of both types of historical interpretation.

Documentary Drama