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Gaby wins the popular vote for best Year 7 'Who am I?' website 2004
Five make it into the gallery
Henri's group propaganda film
Year 11 History
Versailles reconstruction 2004, winners announced...
Mr Jones-Nerzic presents at HA conference in Sheffield, UK
November  2004
Ben shows us how to 'dance' to the sound of a medieval Hurdy Gurdy

Year 9 Industrial Revolution Diagrams
Year 8 Medieval Church Boardgames October 2004
Versailles Re-enactment Role-play now in its fifth year! 
November 17th
Year 13 Cold War Documentaries
July-September 2004
Mr Jones-Nerzic leads a seminar on using digital video in the history classroom
Year 9 French Revolution Video Documentaries July 2004
Jesus takes first place in the archaeology presentations June 2004
Paul's video of the Year 8 role-play London in 1600
Middle School Geography Displays
Summer 2004
Year 8 History
Those ruffs finally see the light of day!


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